Teaching Don Ca Tai Tu for tour guides

Teaching Don Ca Tai Tu for tour guides

Don ca tai tu is a type of traditional improvisational chamber music, plays an essential role in the spiritual life of people in Southern Vietnam. This is the sixth Vietnamese art form won the UNESCO recognition as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


The new generation develops new music genres, various tapes, digital television, the Internet… which is more attractive and suitable to the needs of enjoying music, then, Don Ca Tai Tu gradually falls into oblivion.


For that reason, we have implemented the project: “Teaching Don ca tai tu for tour guides” to make a small contribution to the goal of bringing Don ca tai tu closer to tourists and foreigners to preserve Vietnam cultural identity.

With the goal that every tour guide knows how to sing and play Don ca tai tu for tourists, we invited a teacher who has many years of experience in this traditional field that trains and teaches tour guides about this type of musical instrument.

“Teaching Don Ca tai tu for Tour Guides ” is a community-oriented project that Mekong Tour Smile Co., Ltd. wants to bring to society

Recently, the course has been put into operation and has completed the first class. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, the course has been suspended, but at the moment when the society has gradually stabilized, Mekong Tour Smile will continue for this course to be operated.

In the future, Mekong Tour Smile will plan to integrate the tour guide’s singing sessions in the tour programs.

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