Support merchants on Cai Rang floating market

Support merchants on Cai Rang floating market

Back in the day, when the Cai Rang floating market was at its most crowded time, there were 200 to 300 boats trading home-grown agricultural products on the river. The purchasing activity attracted many domestic and foreign tourists for its distinctive and unique features.

The morning on Cai Rang floating market


Due to the influence of diversifying the forms of purchase and the COVID pandemic, vendors in Cai Rang floating market had to struggle with the inevitable change and different difficulties for a long time.


Cai Rang floating market due to COVID pandemic


People living on Cai Rang floating market express their feelings in the COVID-19 pandemic time:

MeKong Smile Tour shares the mission of continuing to preserve and develop the Cai Rang floating market culture and the lifestyle of the people on this land as well as create the motivation for trading.

We have already launched some projects that support the traders on Cai Rang Floating Market.

First to say is the “One Dollar for Floating Market”. We gave a small meaningful gift to each merchant on the floating market during the Lunar New Year with the hope of sharing the good fortune for the new year so that they have motivation to make their living.

Mekong Smile Tour gave the Tet gifts to merchants on the Cai Rang floating market:

“Supporting Merchants to Advertise Specialty” is also a key activity for community.

In every tour on Cai Rang floating, our tour guides share the daily stories of the lovely people here. We usually offer a free breakfast which is the local specialties such as bun rieu, hu tieu during the tour or give fruits, home-grown products for tourists after the trips.

Through those projects, the Mekong Smile Tour hopes to bring contributions to the development and promotion of people in this gentle river.

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