About Mekong Smile Tour

Our Story

We were born and grew up in the Mekong Delta, where beautiful floating markets, fruit gardens, canals, and rivers are familiar sights. Moreover, Mother Nature has granted us many attractive destinations and natural ecosystems with various flora and fauna. All these could explain why the world has dearly named us the ‘granary of Vietnam.’


We act as the bridge between respectful guests striving to travel in a sustainable way and community-based tourism. With the mission of preserving cultural features, beautifying the Mekong smiles, and introducing beautiful Vietnam to worldwide friends, we expect genuine smiles from the local people and tourists through every trip.


With the criterion of “quality creating value”, we pride ourselves to bring you the best quality of tour services, with the diverse kinds of tours, with friendly and enthusiastic consultant staff, creating unique experiences.


Though the business has significantly developed over the years, the philosophy for our business has not changed: “To introduce the beautiful Mekong Delta in particular and colorful Vietnam to worldwide friends with a passion to please them is the principal mission as initially set”.

Visit us at: https://old.mekongsmiletour.com/

Our Team





Business Development Manager

Founder & CEO

Tour Operator Manager

  • Graduating with major in Tourism and Hospitality Management and CEO Plus of the University of Economics HCMC.
  • Having 10-year experience in tourism.
  • The winner of International Innovators Awards 2021 for the “Linkage tourism with sourcing handicraft service project” Project.
  • An active member of the Vietnam Tourism Association,
  • Over 10-year experience in tourism.
  • His passion is devoting himself to the prosperous development of the Mekong Delta tourism and vendors’ life.
  • Having in-depth expertise in the field of tourism and Customer Care.
  • Exploiting the tourism market to meet customers’ needs and customize the tours.
  • Providing a harmonious connection between service providers and customers.
“Bring the company’s business to the development in accordance with the set mission and core values.”
“Witnessing the variety of market segments of the tourist industry for years, I cherish the desire to develop the tour values while remaining the traditional core business”.
“My customers are my family members. As a mother, I take care of all of them. As customer care, I devote myself to their best journey.”




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