Support farmers to promote Soc Trang shallots

Support farmers to promote Soc Trang shallots

Soc Trang province is a locality with a long tradition of cultivating shallots, farmers have a lot of experience and apply technological advances to production and cultivation.


Although achieving certain successes in the market, Soc Trang purple shallots have not been able to stabilize. Farmers have not been able to grow crops due to the phenomenon of unprofitable harvests, affected by the 2021 pandemic.

Through the tours to Soc Trang, we want to promote the promotion of shallot specialty to customers.



The characteristics and advantages of shallot varieties and the process of growing clean onions would be introduced to tourists.

At the end of the trip, visitors would receive this local agriculture product as a meaningful gift.



Although it’s just a small gift, it contributes to bringing local products closer to users, increasing income after a long time struggle with COVID-19 pandemic and motivating farmers to continue growing Soc Trang shallots.


Through our activities, we hope to connect with customers, partners and friends near and far to promote the trust in domestic agricultural products.

Vietnamese people believe that using Vietnamese goods contributes to raising the value of agricultural products. At the same time, it helps to introduce typical agricultural products of Soc Trang province in particular and the southwestern provinces in general to consumers throughout the country.


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