Son Islet environmental protection project in Can Tho city | Sponsored by Mekong Smile

Son Islet environmental protection project in Can Tho city | Sponsored by Mekong Smile


Son Islet Environmental Protection Project is a part of the Improving the lives of people in the Mekong River region project implemented by Mekong Smile Company. The people of the Mekong River have lived by the river for a long time.

Con Son islet
Con Son islet

All production, cultivation, and daily life activities of people in the Southwest region are associated with the Mekong River, as this river has become an inevitable part of the lives of the people here.

Industrialization has brought dramatic changes to lives on the river. In terms of tourism, it has offered the opportunity to improve people’s lives markedly. However, this change has also negatively affected the living environment and natural resources, …



Mekong Smile Tour is a travel agency growing from the Mekong River. Our company always attempts to bring the available natural resources of Mekong Delta into our tourism services to create values to the Mekong Delta community and Son Islet in particular.

For the important reasons mentioned above, we conducted a project called “Son Islet People Together Restrict the Use of Plastic” with the purpose of improving the vendors’ lives and protecting the environment.


Ms. Be Bay presented the importance of the project


Although Son Islet is just a small island located in the middle of the river, this place has developed strongly with the garden tourism project. Unfortunately, this development causes a rapid increase in the amount of plastic wastes (bags, bottles, …).


Son Islet’s plastic storage cabinet presented by Mekong Smile


With the awareness of the changing living environment, the people of Son islet have joined hands to run this project!

Mekong Smile sponsored a large eco-friendly cabinet. When tourists come to Son Islet, they will leave plastic stuff on the cabinet. In addition, Mekong Smile also sponsors woven baskets made of environmentally friendly materials. Travelers can use it instead of plastic bags.

Son Islet rattan basket cabinet


The original Mekong Smile environmental protection plan was to create good tourist habits. Additionally, we can make a career out of knitting more trendy eco-friendly baskets and selling them to tourists.

Son Islet’s plastic storage cabinet was donated by Mekong Smile

With the hope of protecting the Son Islet and raising the tourists’ awareness, we, Mekong Smile, will certainly come up with better and better strategies so as to partly contribute to the positive change and better improvement in the lives of people in the Mekong region.


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